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Availability  of the TOTAL FINANCE Website

TOTAL FINANCE has agreements with registered loan/debt collection companies and their referrals. This means we do not handle loans/debt collection, we are not a financial service provider etc. We are simply a gateway to finding great loan offers. The services offered through TOTAL FINANCE on this site are available only within South Africa, unless stated otherwise. Any articles or postings on this site are related only to South Africa. Any and all advertising on this site is directed towards South African Citizens only. It is the sole responsibility of the user to evaluate the appropriatness of a specific purpose of any programs, text, downloads available through the TOTAL FINANCE website.   

TOTAL FINANCE services' on this website is delivered to the best of our ability, but TOTAL FINANCE does not guarantee that the site’s services will be timely, error free or uninterrupted. Republication or redistribution of any part of our site or its content for any purpose is strictly prohibited, including by way of framing or any other means. Furthermore your use of this service indemnifies this Company, its agents, affiliates and employees against any losses or damages, in which ever manner they may have been caused.   

Exclusions & Limitations

Any information on this site is provided “as is.” To the fullest extent of the law, TOTAL FINANCE excludes all warranties and representations relating to this site and the contents and/or which is or could be provided by its affiliates or any third party, including and related to any omissions or inaccuracies on this site and/or in the websites literature and excludes any and all liabilty for damages that may arise from and/or in connection with you using the TOTAL FINANCE site. This would include loss of profits or business (whether the loss of profits or business was or was not foreseeable, came about naturally, and/or you have or warned the Company of a possible loss), any computer damage, software damage, programs and systems damage and/or the data contained thereon and/or any other direct or indirect, incidental and/or consequential damages, without limitation.   

TOTAL FINANCE under no circumstance will be held liable for any injuries and or death resulting from using this webiste.

If you obtain this website link www.totalfinance.co.za or any information contained in this site in any other place or website which nature and availability are not controlled by us, we are not responsible for any type of express or implied, about the accuracy, reliability or availability regarding with us or any other information and image or corresponding graphics on www.totalfinance.co.za for any purpose. 


TOTAL FINANCE  website (or ISP) makes use of cookies, like most other interactive websites. This allows us to gather information on every user that visits our site. Cookies are used in certain areas so that area of the site can function properly and make it easier for our visitors to use the site. Cookies may also be used by some of our affiliates.

Use of Log Files   

TOTAL FINANCE utilizes the IP addresses of our users to be able to analyse trends, track the movements of our users, run our site and gather demographic information, The information is used on a need-to-know basis within the Company. The IP addresses are not associated with any information that could be personally identifiable. In addition, to run our system, identify usage patterns and to troubleshoot things, our servers are set to automatically identify and capture standard access information to include type of browser, access times, when mail is opened, URL requested along with referral URL. Unless we have your explicit permission, we will never use your data information in any other way than stated above.

Terms and Conditions

The applicant/client agrees that the information you have submitted to this application is true and correct.

By completing an application form does not guarantee that your loan application will be successful.

By completing an application form you agree to receive further marketing materials about related services from TOTAL FINANCE and/or our partners.

TOTAL FINANCE is not a lender and does not make any cash advances or credit decisions

You hereby state that you understand these terms and conditions.

Please make sure that all the details you provide to us for the purpose of applying on the Website are true, accurate, current and complete in all respects

Acceptance of the terms and conditions on this site will form a binding contract between you and TOTAL FINANCE

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